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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Below you will find all of the specifics regarding the collection of

personal data our company and this website collect and how it is used.

Privacy Policy Disclaimer

We are in the business selling unique home theater products and have no interest in selling your personal data to anyone. We DO NOT share the personal data we collect via phone, web form or in person such as name, address, phone numbers and any other personally identifiable information to other companies. We do use your information internally to perform transactions, contact you and other usually acceptable interactions. That information is stored on effectively secure, password protected servers.

With that said… the interaction you have with this website creates information about you and it is used by third parties namely Google and others using cookies to somehow identify you through your Internet page views inside and outside our website. This is the nature of the Internet today…

You can request a report that will list any areas of the store that have information about you associated with your email address saved and stored including:
  • Customer Records
  • Blog interactions (comments and replies)
  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • Product related interaction records such as
  • Product Reviews
  • Waiting List records
  • Product Q&A records
  • Communication Logs from your Contact Us page (CRM)
  • Any additional records matching to their email address
  • Order history

After reviewing the report you can request deletion of those records using the link here:

Home Theater Seattle - 11524 Mukilteo Speedway #106, Mukilteo WA 98275
OUR PHONE: (425) 249-3004

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