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LED Backlit Poster Frames

Our Backlit Poster Frames (Backlit LED Lighted Movie Poster Frames) are an excellent addition to any home theater’s décor. Looking for an excellent movie poster light box for outside your home theater? We have the design for you! This product is built from quality materials and is designed to perform great as a low profile movie poster light box for your home theater entrance or hallway. With two large banks of bright LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) illuminating your movie poster (frame fits 36 1/4” x 24 1/4” paper posters) from behind, your poster will pop with light.

In the background of this picture (above) is our showroom with 3 Backlit Poster Frames on the wall. We installed these with recessed electrical back box (not included) for hiding power for the LED frame’s light power transformer.
This movie poster frame design offers low energy consumption, bright backlit LED light, and an ultra-low profile. Designed to replace the more common bulky movie poster light boxes designed to mimic the ones at the movie theaters… ours are light weight, easy to re-use, and are very affordable.

Unlike the usual high voltage light boxes that can measure up to a foot deep, our low voltage (12 volt transformer) Backlit Movie Theater Poster Frames are a shallow ¾” deep. These energy efficient LED frames stay cool and look more like a picture frame than a light box. Being low profile allows you to put them anywhere you have power without taking up unwanted space in your hall, entry way, or theater room..

led picture frame example
(LED picture frame outside of home theater)
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LED Back-lit Poster Frame
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