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Customer Feedback and New Reviews

Posted by Karl on 1/29/2024 to News

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: At Home Theater Seattle we find great satisfaction in hearing feedback from our customers about how happy they are with our acoustic movie posters. From time to time we even get pictures of finished rooms with acoustic movie posters on the customer’s home theater walls. Here are a few pictures and a response from one of our latest customers!

 So happy! Thank you for excellent product and epic customer service! - Cheers, Chip G.

Acoustic Movie Posters in Home Theater 1Acoustic Movie Posters in Home Theater 2

Below are a few more from various customers...

Acoustic Movie Posters in Home Theater 3Acoustic Movie Posters in Home Theater 4

NEW REVIEWS FEATURE: We have added a new review feature to the site this month and over time it will start to populate with reviews posted by customers. Below are some images showing the review feature. Make sure to login with your account or create an account to post. The review will be sent to our staff for review and then posted for the product being reviewed.



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