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Canvas vs Acoustic Panels in your Home Theater

Posted by Karl on 8/24/2023 to DIY
Canvas vs Acoustic Panels in your Home Theater

It’s hard to dispute that movie posters are a great way to adorn your home theater walls to show off your own personal taste in cinema. When it comes to purchasing movie posters for your home theater you have several options to choose from including glass framed paper posters, framed canvas or stretched canvas movie poster images using various fabrics and materials.

Now… Although all of these options are good enough for showing off movie art work, they are all missing one very important detail you should consider when choosing artwork for your home theater… ACOUSTICS! Remember that a home theater room is a sound environment first and foremost. canvas printNone of the types of artworks stated above will absorb sound. In fact most will increase the amount of sound reflections in your home theater room. Glass framed posters pose the most obvious problems with both light and sound being reflected off the smooth glass surface back into the room. Glass should be considered the worst thing to introduce into your home theater room. Next on our list is canvas. Canvas prints will look nice on the wall but aren’t much better for helping your home theater acoustically. The tight weave of canvas and the print process create an image finish smoother than most painted walls. Ultimately glass and smooth and semi-smooth weave surfaces reflect sound and that works against your listening environment.

So if most movie poster options aren’t suited for home theaters what type of movie posters prints should you buy? When it comes to putting movie images on your home theater wall you need something designed specifically for home theaters.

Acoustic Movie Poster

Acoustic Movie Posters are specially designed to absorb sound with fabric that allows sound to pass through to the acoustic absorber behind.

Acoustic Fabric Light source shining through acoustic movie poster fabric!

This is a superior product for home theaters because your listening environment is dramatically improved and your favorite movie posters are brilliantly displayed at the same time from the same spot on the wall. What a deal!

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